Feng Shui

 In English, the words “feng shui” translate to “wind water.” This is an ancient philosophical practice that originated in China. It’s also classified as one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Its ultimate purpose is to create a sense of harmony between the environment and its inhabitants.

Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, stars, or a compass.


Basic Must Have Items In Feng Shui

1) Colorful Rooster:

Metal – W, NW, N

Wood – E, SE, S

Ceramic – SW, W

2) Solid (not hollow) 5-Rod Windchime For The Yearly 5-Yellows:

Check the location of the 5-yellows yearly, and place your 5-rod solid windchime in that corner that is afflicted; for the year 2015, the 5-yellows is in the West.

3) Red Ribbon With 3 Coins For The Front Door:

Check the length of your ribbon to make sure that it is an auspicious length before tying the coins/ribbon to the front door.

4) Pair of Pi Yao:

to appease the Grand Duke (Tai Sui), just like the 5-yellows, the location of Grand Duke changes yearly. Place the pair of Pi Yao facing the afflicted direction. For 2015 (the year of the Sheep/Goat) Tai Sui Grand Duke will sit in the southwest (202.5 – 217.5 degrees); place the pair of Pi Yao facing SW 202.5-217.5 degrees.



Moving Into A New Home


(space clearing must be done before moving into a new home)

Never never bring into the new home old brooms, rags, and mops! Buy new ones!


* Must be done in the morning.

* Tuesday is the most auspicious day to be moving into a new home. The only day the LORD saw that “it is good!” twice. Never move on a Monday and Wednesday. (Jewish)

* Items to be brought into the home first:
(I used small plastic food storage containers like Rubbermaid or Tupperware to contain the following items except coins and water)

– rice
– salt
– sugar
– any cooking oil
– coins
– a small jug of water

– before you step inside your new home, pour the water right outside the front door (the area where the outside doormat is usually placed)
– step inside the home and say “Hello home” [and think of the wonderful things that you would want to happen while living in your new home] and proceed to the kitchen and place the containers of: rice, salt, sugar, cooking oil, and coins in the topmost cabinet of your kitchen – preferably the cabinet above the fridge where it will be stored permanently and not to be used.

After this ritual, then you can start bringing in the rest of your household goods.


5 Solid Rod Windchime

*** It is very hard finding an “all-metal” 5 solid-rod wind-chime; most of the time, the chimes were hung on a wooden (or ceramic, or glass) hanger. What I did to make an all-metal wind-chime was, I purchased  separately a hollow-tubed wind-chime that had a “metal hanger”  (that I needed) and a solid-rod chimes (that I needed) that came hung on a wooden/glass hanger.  I removed all the chimes from each hanger and made an all-metal solid-rod wind-chime with the parts using a fishing line. You just have to be creative on how to put together an all-metal windchime***


1) The rods should be solid… not hollow or tube.

2)The 5 solid-rod wind-chime must be made with all metals except the string.


* Used only to suppress bad luck.

*Presses down bad luck caused by the yearly Five-Yellows. For the year 2015, the Five-Yellows is located in the West part of the home. Please find the yearly location of the Five-Yellows, and install the wind-chime during the first day of the new year.

* When refrigerator/sink is right across the stove/oven, hang the 5 solid rod windchime in between the refrigerator/sink and the stove/oven.

* When bedroom door is across the bathroom or stairway, hang the 5 solid rod windchime in between the bedroom and the bathroom/stairway.

* If stairway faces the front door, place the windchime in between door and the stairs.

* When 2 doors face each other, place a windchime in between them.


Roof Color In Feng Shui

Worst Roof Color:

1) Black and Blue – water constantly above your head

2) White – represents death and mourning


Best Roof Color:

1) Maroon

2) Orange

3) Red

4) Green

5) Brown

Space Clearing

Space Clearing When Moving To A Pre-Owned Home

Never bring into the new home old brooms, rags, and mops.

Before moving to a pre-owned home, make sure to do a space clearing first. It is advisable to clean the house before doing the space clearing.

1) Open all the windows and doors (main door, back doors, closet doors, bathroom doors, cabinet doors etc.)
2) Tibetan bell, any kind of bell or 2 metal pot lids
3) Do this in the morning – preferably on a workday, so you don’t disturb the neighbors.

Standing in the doorway facing the inside of the home, ring the bell or clang the metal pot lids together and start walking slowly in a clockwise direction along the walls of your home until you get back to the front door. Make sure you visit each room including the bathrooms in a clockwise direction. Ring the bell or clang the metal pot lids in front of the cabinets and inside the closets too (you can just stick the bell and ring or the pot lids in there if the space is too small). As you are ringing the bell or clanging the metal pot lids, pray your favorite prayer and think of what you want to happen while living in the home: successful marriage, new job, happy life, having children etc.
When you are done, you can light an incense or light a candle for a few minutes while praying and thinking of what you want in your life.
Leave the doors and windows open for at least 30 minutes.

If you are not moving in that day, leave at least one light on during the night.


Any Door

There should be nothing, I mean NOTHING (no shoes, no umbrella stand, no coat hanger) behind any door (especially the front door, the door to the garage, bedroom doors, office doors) of your home. Make sure that if you open any door of your home all the way, it should touch the wall. If you use storm doors (or screen doors), make sure that when you open them all the way, it should touch the outside wall.

Things behind doors block the chi (opportunity) from coming in.


Front Door Windchime

Hang a six-hollow rod metal windchime outside of your front door.

All materials should be made of metal except the strings.

In Feng Shui, wind chimes have been used for centuries and are the
most powerful enhancer and cure for many situations. Sound is used for
clearing and cleansing negative energies, so that the environment is once more
harmonious. Wind chimes promote a constant flow of beneficial Sheng Chi
attracting happiness, good fortune, good luck and prosperity. To attract money or
accumulate wealth, wind chimes are placed in areas of your home where the
energy has the most influence on your wealth.

Hanging a wind chime near the entrance to your home is a very easy and
effective way to attract wealth.